McGuinness Flint – Klondike

McGuinness Flint Klondike

McGuinness Flint – Klondike Lyrics

Artist: McGuinness Flint
Song: Klondike

Walking on a slope in the early morning
Rain falling from the sky and I sighed
At the thought of it, I died just a little bit
I’ve got one foot in the grave and the other foot in the yards

My folks told me “Son, you’ve got to find a train”, so I tried
I was not content in the town, it was idly spent
Dreaming on the days while the Klondike paved the way
Happy trips, happy dreams while the Klondike birds would sing

Oh Jojo, I know you think I’m wrong
But you saw harder times when you had to stand in line
Thinking of the children living on the bedlam
I’m a seagull, I’ve got wings upon my back, I can fly

Oh and I’m gonna try, if I waste another day
The Klondike is my grave
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McGuinness Flint Lyrics – Klondike

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Release Year: 1971