Mari Persen – Sweetheart

Mari Persen Sweetheart

Mari Persen – Sweetheart Lyrics

Artist: Mari Persen
Song: Sweetheart

I, I have a dream of polkadots and beams
That you and I are having in my dream
While fairies are surrounding us with cream
Stars are having fun while swimmin’ in your eyes

And angels sing your words in lullabies
It touch me ’til I can’t think us apart
I love you my Sweetheart
Now, the birds are flown and all the flowers’ gone

But we have so much summer to be sung
Embrace me now and my Shakespeare’s gone
You, you are the deep vermillion in the rose
Oh how your are the pattern of all those

You score the highest rate on my lovechart
I love you my Sweetheart
You are my angel velvet blue
No matter what the others say of you

That’s what I do
I love you little star, baby
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Mari Persen Lyrics – Sweetheart

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Release Year: 2009