Magnolia Grove – Wheels of Life

Magnolia Grove Wheels of Life

Magnolia Grove – Wheels of Life Lyrics

Artist: Magnolia Grove
Song: Wheels of Life

One thing I know, One thing I learned
Is that the wheels of life are gonna turn
And I’m just here along for the ride
Praying for water, praying for air

I’ll think about all those things that I regret
But I won’t let it stop it from getting by
And they say no one makes it out of this thing alive
And I’ll try to live a life where I don’t have to just survive

I’ve been sitting and watching the clouds
Thinking about how the wheels of life are turning around
And I might miss if I don’t take a look around
Hoping for love, taking my time

Looking around, just for a sign
One thing I know, I’m just glad to be alive
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Magnolia Grove Lyrics – Wheels of Life

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Release Year: 2022