Magnolia Grove – Perpetual Stew

Magnolia Grove Perpetual Stew

Magnolia Grove – Perpetual Stew Lyrics

Artist: Magnolia Grove
Song: Perpetual Stew

Smoke is coming down the mountain
I see it from the 13th floor
Waiting for the dust to settle
But all they wanna take is more

Can’t you see the world is burning
Politicians need their wars
Machine’s gotta keep on turning
Keeping their foot on the poor

Bathing in a chemical fountain
Come and get your meds on tap
Floating down a river of acid
Tell us what to do about that. Hey

Can’t you see the things they’ve done
Cleaning up the mess they’ve made
No more sweeping it under the rug
But something tells me, it’s too late
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Magnolia Grove Lyrics – Perpetual Stew

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Release Year: 2022