Luminatus – Flashes of Reality

Luminatus Flashes of Reality

Luminatus – Flashes of Reality Lyrics

Artist: Luminatus
Song: Flashes of Reality

Days, they go by
Still I try to be free
Haze fills my mind
The dreams are killing me

When I look around me
All I see is danger
Pleading, taunting
Calling to me

Stumbling, turning, twisting
Drowning in the shadows
Sudden light has blinded me
Still I cry, I try to see

Dreams once so clear
Turn to things I fear
Is this real or just a dream?
Darkness comes again to me

Sirens pulling to the deep
As I watch and look
The world so quickly changes
Nightmares come and

Rip into me
Flailing, fighting, fumbling
Struggling in the darkness
Loss of light is killing me

Still I sleep and try to dream
Dreaming life
Won’t pass me by
Is this real or still a dream?

Where is that future?
Where are those lies that it would tell?
As it cast serpents into the wishing well
Am I in Heaven or

Am I in Hell? I cannot tell
Both are a prison
Those who would leave this mortal shell
Fading in starlight

The dream, it comes to an end
Comes to an end
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Luminatus Lyrics – Flashes of Reality

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Release Year: 2016