Low Technology – Major Phi

Low Technology Major Phi

Low Technology – Major Phi Lyrics

Artist: Low Technology
Song: Major Phi

Science is more than a body of knowledge
It’s a way of thinking
A way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility
Experience the thoughts of a conscious mind

Can’t be combined with the blind, we don’t intertwine
When stars align, low techs rhyme with perfect time
Optimal find, when you listen to our first lines
No irresponsible bars, it’s all logic

Harmonic projects that keep the knowledge in your noggin
Never relentin’ to the pressure
Built fit to keep it together
LT stage forever

…Less comprehensive but we need you attentive
Maybe a little complicated but it isn’t excessive
Make your selection–pick wisely
If it’s intelligence–〈censor state by it〉〈.?.〉

What most ignore–we explore till we reach the core
Open the doors, learn from it, then we seek for more
〈.?.〉 aggressive tactics when it comes to rapping
Every good ship needs a captain

Confessions of an uninfected person
I’m often better off behind the curtain
Lost but it’s on purpose
So i can find my own way to the surface

…My courage encourages the superlative hurling a set of bars at you enough to make it permanent
The vermin has been hiding and I know what I can purge ‘em with
Courtesy of all the knowledge and gifts–I wish that I could inspire the world when I 〈crimp this pen〉〈.?.〉
…It’s asinine that I’ve been lining up to die

When inside, I’ve been thinking of ripping apart my whole life
You’ve already got the ball and accomplished nothing
Touchdown now because I feel the plan is struggling
Smuggling luggage with lightning and thunder under me

It’s frightening how enticed I feel to eject you from your seat
Reach up and grab a cup to breathe
If you left it up to me
I would turn this jet into a summary

Ignored as we lurkin’ the fog
Circus abroad
Students of omni tryin’ to search within all to find me
Cursed with resolve–it’s 〈missed〉〈.?.〉 for light–armed with fists and mics

Our tactics and armor is of a different type
GU, and they could never stop our movement
Hidden within our songs are fermi paradox solutions
Loaded for bear–we lead our troops to know they’re prepared

You over there scared with hopeless despair
Open 〈squared〉〈.?.〉 chase prepared fate
With veteran failsafes, stale state checks in the mail makes stress
Who the hell claims best

With no face next
Reinvestment of a sea of lessons self-made mess
…A storm of chasing swarming ancients
Born of our generational ships afforded by a 〈boarded〉〈.?.〉 nation (yeah)

No common adage of your habitat
Survives the relativistic velocities we travel at
Many uncertainties but worry-free
Livin’ in urgency

Broke the glass because of last emergency
Personally, the pressure is worsening
Suppression to emerge, refreshed from versioning
Created a better me–like genetic therapy

For the pedigree to compare with my vetted team
The barbarity is periling
Our vision editing
From the dreaded lens to your retina screens

Mine are overhead in loads of men
Viable to 〈treaded mints〉〈.?.〉 dire roads ahead
…Try to control me but I rose and fled
Now the goals are set

Diamond woven thread alliance with my bros instead
Flow methodically to show anomaly
Organize an oddity of controlled autonomy
Nobody’s following your broke mythologies

If we are not able to ask skeptical questions
To interrogate those who tell us that something is truth
To be skeptical of those in authority
Then we are up for grabs for the next charlatan, political or religious, who comes ambling along
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Low Technology Lyrics – Major Phi

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Release Year: 2017