Louis Phoenix – BEFORE SUMMER ENDS Lyrics

Artist: Louis Phoenix

You always said you loved me
I knew that part was true
But I felt right when you told me
“There’s not much that we could do”

And some nights just got real lonely
Hope made me lose my mind
Found peace right when He told me
“Wait till you see the light”

Don’t rush in
Don’t jump in
Hold tight you’ll be alright
Walls crumbling

You say nothing
All just to save your pride
Hard breathing
You start sinking

Lost deep within your mind
Hearts beating
You’re not sleeping
Heads up you’re still alive

Baby you could call me when it’s hurtin’
Just make that you open up your curtains
Cause I can’t tell if things are really certain
Said I been up and down yeah

Pushin’ down the 5 when
I never know just what I’m finna do
But lately I just ain’t been feeling how i’m feeling you
And my whole body has gone way out of tune

But there’s none left to do, guess I’m gon see it through, see you soon
Cause after the sun goes down (goes down)
Will I be the one you think and dream about
Stay safe with the angels now (the angels now)

Know heaven’s gon guide you out
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Louis Phoenix Lyrics – BEFORE SUMMER ENDS

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Release Year: 2023