Limp – Where Is Your Limp

Limp Where Is Your Limp

Limp – Where Is Your Limp Lyrics

Artist: Limp
Song: Where Is Your Limp

Did you know there is something
About yourself
You don’t know about, and I
I know about it

Ican’t explain it for sh#t
And we, we seem to come to the
Almost everytime, and I

I try to find you
But no one is there
And where are we now when
You can’t seem to find out

Why your mind is where it is
Where is your mind now?
And here we are
Not too far from who knows where

Still waiting for the start
The start up something the first
Time we care
And if we

We can understand our dreams
Or realize our fears
We might get somewhere with time
Left to share
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Limp Lyrics – Where Is Your Limp

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Release Year: 2021