Hey, you wanna listen to some tunes?
f#ck your tunes
Yuh yuh yuh yuh
I ain’t never felt like this in a f#ckin minute

If we talking ’bout the money you know that I f#cking get it
Tell a hoe slow her role, hope you f#cking get it
Call up who next up she saying that she ready
f#ck your Onlyfans I’ma get it off of Reddit

Messy on her pearly whites one eye just like Fetty
p#ss# in a box beat it up like Armageddon
Ghost her for a while she mad she get no attention
Carton full of rubbers cause you know I got protection

I can get a brick of raw yunno I’m well connected
Told her get the white toes its just a suggestion
Getty green represent flexing my profession
Been a f#cking minute since I had a money problem

If I ever had a problem I know my money can solve it
b#tch my money longer than a book by J.K Rowling
She got a natural physique I knock her down like bowling
Who that?

Hate to break it to you we a new thing
Baguettes in my ear bout to get a new chain
A new chain yeah a new chain b#tch
Reaper on my keychain reaper on my crewneck

Hit her once already but I told her spin back
Bruce Wayne persona when I pullup all black
Dipshit be the set but you f#ckers new that
Talking on the set we on your #ss like some robin jeans

In my own lane so there’s no one who’s stopping me
Pretty lil’ thing hit my line she got the white toes
Lightskin Curly Hair think she like 5′ 4″
Put ’em on a one way trip to the gulag

If you ain’t making money better find a new job
Always been about my bread like a f#cking crouton
Get the p#ss# weekly backshots on her futon b#tch
Yeah sum like that
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Release Year: 2022