Lil Retard – Tay K is gay

Lil Retard Tay K is gay

Lil Retard – Tay K is gay Lyrics

Artist: Lil Retard
Song: Tay K is gay

1, 2, 3
F-f-f#ck a beat, I was tryna f#ck a n#gg#
But I ain’t f#cked a n#gg#, b#tch I did the race (skrt, skrt)

Beat it up, where I nut in his face
Eli blast crackin’ 4’s like a vase
f#ck a n#gg# then I nut in his face (skrrt)
Do the dash then I go out the way

R-r-rob a n#gg# shoes, rob a n#gg# lace (look at that sh#t)
We tryna see a hunnid nuts in our face (skrt)
Pimp gon’ be eatin’ good nuts every day (free pimp)
b#tch, I’m taking doodles, Tay-K paint the way (you’re a simp)

Chopper tear your dudies into fish fillet (look)
I-I-I woke up too moody, who gon’ f#ck today? (Skrt)
f#ck a f#ckboy in his motherf#ckin’ face (rah)
We-we-we cookin’ up, boy, you don’t wanna f#ck that way (that way, that way)

Gotta go that way, you get f#cked for your nut
Gotta go that way, boy you not gon’ be happy (hahahaha)
I tote 50s, I’m a shooter like Young Pappy (pеw, pew)
b#tch try to rob, we make hеr dance, Michael Jackson (skrt)

We was plottin’, y’all was tryna get the nutting (bro, lil’ b#tch)
Get the nutting, you get f#cked for a fraction (gimme that sh#t)
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Lil Retard Lyrics – Tay K is gay

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Release Year: 2022