Lil He77 – H3AVY M3TALL


Lil He77 – H3AVY M3TALL Lyrics

Artist: Lil He77

Yeah, two sided, two sided, girl you two faced
You decided, you decided, now it’s too late
Yeah, we divided, we divided, into two lanes
I’m fried yeah, i’m fried, no, i ain’t slept in two days

Losing control of this, yeah, yeah, i’m losing control of this
Gave up on all of this, yeah b#tch you gave up on all of this
How could i fall for this, man, f#ck, yeah how could i fall for this
I tried hard for us, yeah b#tch fought hard for us

Woah, woah, woah, yeah
Please just keep it real
Woah, woah, yeah, yeah let me just keep it real
Yeah did all i could for you, yeah, i did all i could for us

Yeah, i had so many hoes could’ve hit, yeah, i could’vе f#cked
Yeah, i was all in for you, fallin for you, yeah i was stuck
Yеah, i know you miss me too, you out with
Your friends all night, you getting drunk

Girl, you a place of me, i’m a piece of you
Hell yeah we stuck together
What i mean to you, yeah we stuck together
No, they don’t know what you mean to me, stuck forever, love forever, say what you want, we in love forever

Call whenever, i’m there whenever, these thoughts in my head sound like the devil heavy metal, heavy metal, choppa’ to my face, its heavy metal
I can’t settle, i won’t settle, none of these hoes is on my level
Sentimental, sentimental, know sometimes i’m sentimental
Trying to be gentle, i’m trying to be gentle

But everything been destroying my mental
Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah
You so arrogant, yeah, trying to show you elegance
Uh, i would’ve gave you everything

Uh, i would’ve done anything
Uh, i could’ve gave you everything
Uh, you couldn’t handle it, my love too much couldn’t handle it, no
Oh, yeah, you left me here, yea, you left my side

Oh, you broke my heart, feel like i died
No, you won’t come see me won’t look in my eyes
Yeah, you gave up on me, at least i tried
Yeah, and i been up thinking about you all god damn night

And i’m stuck in my head, losing my god damn mind
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Lil He77 Lyrics – H3AVY M3TALL

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Release Year: 2023