Life Of Agony – Friday

Life Of Agony Friday

Life Of Agony – Friday Lyrics

Artist: Life Of Agony
Song: Friday

That’s right, that’s all you do, just sit in front of the TV
Hey, don’t break my balls, shut up already
You’re not gonna help!
I gotta deal with your kids and that loser son of yours

I work hard all day and I gotta deal with your sh#t
What do you f#ckin’ think you’re doing, what are you doing?
How do you like that?
What do you think you’re doing?

How do you like that?
You f#cking animal, I told you to shut the hell up
Don’t you ruin my kitchen, I’m sick of this, I want out, I want out
Get the f#ck outta here

I can’t stand this, you and your lousy f#cking kids
Hey, how do you like that you b#tch?
Don’t you destroy my kitchen
Hey, I’ll destroy your world

f#ck you, you piece of sh#t, I’m gettin’ outta here you pig
Yeah, get outta here, you
You and your f#cking loser son, I’m outta here
I’m not dealing with nothing anymore, you piece of sh#t

I get no respect in this house
I want out, I want out
Get outta here, get outta here
I can’t take this anymore

Shut the f#ck up, shut the f#ck up, b#tch
I want you outta here, right this minute
I gotta use the bathroom, whatta you doin’ in there?
You goin’ through my makeup?

It’s my bathroom, I gotta use it
Don’t touch my tampons, it’s my bathroom
I work hard to keep it clean, I can use it whenever I want
It’s my bathroom

Oh my God, oh Jesus Christ
No, oh, oh my God
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Life Of Agony Lyrics – Friday

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Release Year: 1993