LHLS – Fame & Money

LHLS Fame & Money

LHLS – Fame & Money Lyrics

Artist: LHLS
Song: Fame & Money

Fame & money
Somes up everything i need
Fame & money
Is the fuel 2 my dreams

Fame & money
Nothing else matters 2 me
Fame & money
Make these songs that help u feel

Im gonna make it yeah
Im gonna take it all
Im gonna make it yeah
Im gonna take it all

All i see
When i look at myself
Money fiend
Tryna offer u help

Singing songs
Drag myself out of hell
Right my wrongs
I won’t fall back again

Im not dumb
I dont waste what i get
Fuc mistakes
I dont wanna regret

I work hard
Cleaning up my own mеss
All i want
Is some fame & a check
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LHLS Lyrics – Fame & Money

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