Leafo – Sticks n Stones

Leafo Sticks n Stones

Leafo – Sticks n Stones Lyrics

Artist: Leafo
Song: Sticks n Stones

I’ve been up for days, you could see it in my eyes
Tired of being of useless, i’ll die in july
I’m not even joking, i ain’t finna lie
I hate seeing you with other guys

I’ve been feeling low, run away from home
Got a backup plan incase i have nowhere to go
Walk off to the park at 3 am, i’m finna roam
Who tf i got when i really needa call

Screaming everything on the top of my lungs
I just did that then i’m singing this song (f#ck)
Tired of this mess and i had enough
Life’s like a game and i’m finna hop off (uh)

Sticks and stones can break my bones
Break my life cuz i have no goals
Feeling empty, hollow soul
Mind is wired, feel controlled

Feeling hatred, feeling dead
Cut myself i’m bleeding red
Tell me wtf do i live for
If you do then, i could prolly live more

Woah woah, b#tch i’m toxic
Walking round the mall while i’m on a hunnid oxy’s
Imma take my life, yea no one finna stop me
Walking on some oxy, feeling like a zombie

Feeling like a zombie, high as a balloon
Sleep at 6 am and then i wake up in the noon
Take 3 pills and i’m blasting out my room
Nvm i would rather die in june

Maybe every now and then, i need a f#cking hug
Tryna overdose myself with you cuz you my drug (cringe)
Running to your house so we can cuddle up and f#ck
Watch out for the opps that’s why i always keep it tucked
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Leafo Lyrics – Sticks n Stones

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Release Year: 2023