LB199X – Ego Trip

LB199X Ego Trip

LB199X – Ego Trip Lyrics

Artist: LB199X
Song: Ego Trip

I said all I need is one mic
One me
Catch me out on front street
You know where I come from

Tell me what it’s going be
You going slide we going see
I be with them killas
Live with these real #ss n#gg#s uh

Tell them it’s a stick up
Tell them if you talking get you hit up
We don’t do rebuttals like it’s twitter
n#gg# peep the scripture

Always in my music
If you lose it then
We don’t tell no lies for amus#ment
n#gg# what you doing

I’ve been all day wit it
When it come to beef
n#gg#s don’t play wit it
When it come to beef sh#t

n#gg#s going still grill it
Ill with it
What you talking bout
I’m a real n#gg# still get em

Momma told me never go and play with these fools
Live and die by the code
And always breaking the rules
If you playing with the game on my life you gone lose

Cause I’m a winning motherf#cka’
Money talk like Chris Tucker how you feel n#gg#
What, Hold up
Because these big dogs coming out

Get the bag, large amounts
I remember when I couldn’t talk about my bank account
When I get a show now these n#gg#s tryna take me out
Wonder what the hate be bout

They be in their feelings
Live in your area
Ima make a killing
Stepping on these n#gg# bruh

Ima kill the witness
Only thing thats spared is the women and the children
I got empathy, but ain’t got no sympathy
If you tryna f#ck with me

n#gg#s know whats up with me
Luckily I’ve been on some peace sh#t
When I’m on your block n#gg#
Yeah we on that G sh#t what’s up !

Fear of the man is the power of the truth
What lies inside shall rise
And What you do on planet earth is an example of what you do for the universe, yeah
Still a n#gg# in the eyes of what we call the

Righteous one
The Holy shall scream-thy name
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
In my soul I foster

The stigma of a n#gg#
See I done walked through the valley of the shadow of death
I fight hard till my very last breath
And please excuse me for my anger

I done seen thugs cry
Drive by

You alive
Or n#gg# is you dead
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LB199X Lyrics – Ego Trip

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Release Year: 2023