Kydd – Don’t Mention It

Kydd Don't Mention It

Kydd – Don’t Mention It Lyrics

Artist: Kydd
Song: Don’t Mention It

★ intro ★
Kato on the track, b#tch!
★ verse ★
I make these other rappers’ stomachs sick

I’m so f#ckin’ hot that mc hammer
Couldn’t touch this with an oven mitt
f#ck makin’ that clubby sh#t
b#tch, this called wordplay

I stay ahead of the coup
That’s why i made it here in the first place
Determined to stay persistent with this sh#t
Bet i’ma bring the 90s back

When people said sh#t, they meant it
I’m never behind ‘cause i’m too fast so pay attention
Or miss it
And f#ck you if you don’t listen ‘cause i don’t fit the description

b#tch, music is colorblind to these rhymes
Are you f#ckin’ insane?
It’s like 50 shades of grey the way i’m f#ckin’ the game
I got a verse for anybody throwin’ shade at my name

And you b#tches ain’t even a f#ckin’ speed bump in my lane
Trust me, i got this
Don’t believe me, watch this
Fly your b#tch to my crib and stick it in her cockpit

Sounding like opera, even though she tone deaf
I had that b#tch screamin’ in different mothaf#ckin’ octaves
My punchlines build up like i was playing tetris
And your b#tch wants to chill and netflix

And you know that i will eat that p#ss# for breakfast
Her nickname is something that she can’t drive like a lexus
And if i tell you that i’m humble, take it with no misconception
But if you jump in my lane, that’s just executing a death wish, buddy

And if you think it’s funny, i’ll let your b#tch beat my dick like it owes her money, mothaf#cker!
This is my brain, and welcome to the labyrinth
The valkyrie of rappers bringing death to your establishment
I snatched my craft from the witch doctor that i been rapping with

I practice what i preach like a f#ckin’ rap advocate
I make the vision real hard to see
Like a blind man stuck in beat, trying to f#ckin’ read the alphabet off the sheet
I make these rappers sick until they puking like bulimics when they eat, b#tch

Address an issue like a catalog
The sh#t you’re talking is thicker than the clip from the f#ckin’ avatar
You ain’t a jedi, you’s a padawan
A f#ckin’ b#tch while i stay in rotation like the ravage raw ❲?❳

I leave your eyes twitching from reading what i have written
Encrypted like hieroglyphics
While envisioning my career, i told all of my haters up outta here
Now look me

I’m blowing up like a trap phone
While you here in the backwoods like you was born without a backbone
And bad words won’t help you
So f#ck you and your sad song

While they applaud me like a clap-on
And you dicks are thicker than a strap on
I take your b#tch ’cause she just wanna see what he can do
#ss fat like a snorlax

Girl lemme take a peek at you
I flip a switch like marowak
Get up in the booth and spit these flames like a charizard
Mothaf#cker, i’ma problem to this rap sh#t

Hit the track and make it backflip like acrobatics
I’m so dope that every line is like a drag hit
You’re f#ckin’ average, you ain’t even close to my bracket
Listen, you could never stop my flow

f#ck a strap, b#tch, i hit you with a compound blow—the fiber-optics flow
Boy, i’m familiar with the woods, but i spit that wicked flow ‘ cause i was brought upon the hood
Boy, i’m connected with them killers, so don’t get this sh#t twisted
Just ’cause i don’t throw a sign don’t mean you won’t come up missing

The only way to find you is out there on that lake fishing
So of you’re talking sh#t, my name is not to be mentioned
So don’t mention it!
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Kydd Lyrics – Don’t Mention It

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Release Year: 2016