KRYL8R – Motion

KRYL8R Motion

KRYL8R – Motion Lyrics

Artist: KRYL8R
Song: Motion

Verse 1
f#ck it
sh#t done got legit

All these hoes be choosing with they friends it’s hard to take a pick
I had missed my ex for like a hour i got through that quick
I just keep progressing when i cut em off it make em sick
You ain’t my in future baby

sh#t i feel like future baby
Cause i never liked you , you was lucky dont b crazy
I put all my children in her mouth, can’t have no future babies
Shawty a real demon with that throat she never do it lazy

But we ain’t asking where the hoes is
My time is prеcious baby i got too much motion
I never get attachеd i cut off all emotions

My heart ice , the b#tch is cold it’s damn near frozen
I don’t think you understand
I say the most when off that migos baby girl im not ya man

I heard my last found a new one and she hoping that i see
Checked account , looked in the mirror
Nah , he f#cking with me
Gah damn

I know i’m that n#gg# so it’s hard to find another
Saw my red flags i guess red her favorite color
Shorty moving foul but i’ll never blow her cover
Yo secret safe with me i’m yo bestie i’m yo brother

Tie game under pressure ima hit it at the buzzer
n#gg#s sh#tted on me they ain’t think that i’d recover
I embrace the l’s i know that ima take another
But i know when i fail ima come back even tougher

Verse 2
You want me to want you but no i don’t want to
I f#cked it was mid baby girl so it’s f#ck you

I used to better but this what it’s -come to
I’d still be that n#gg# if i wasn’t rapping
I’m writing these verses she ask me for captions
I told her i’m him and my words match my -actions

Bro i had her way back when
She prolly let me back in
And then again right when that end
n#gg# trippin bouta his dm being in my dm we done had the same hoe

I was never someone new you just never knew crazy how the game go
All my n#gg#s bouta bag we don’t come in last we all got the same goals
You know that sh#t is always on it ain’t ever off every time i change clothes
You know how lory up a man and drop him cause she can? i live by the same code

Remember bron was down 3-1 then he came and won?i been in that same mode
And baby girl you know wassup with me
Claiming that you help down ironic when you left everything been up for me

I just checked her twitter baby hella bitter tell me why you keep on subbing me
I know i can get it live got alot pride but not when it come to me
I had to see through

n#gg#s quitting i refuse
Top 2 never 2
Yo tape lotta boos
My tape lotta oooos

On track – running shoes
Moving on been my mood
Cut em off they removed
Switch the beat make it screwed

I got my motion again
f#ck off my phone texting me paragraphs on that emotional sh#t

Cause you always throwing a fit
You i’m the type to never type back when i got this money to get
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KRYL8R Lyrics – Motion

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Release Year: 2023