KRS-One – Take You There

KRS-One Take You There

KRS-One – Take You There Lyrics

Artist: KRS-One
Song: Take You There

This is so unfair
Why you wanna take me there?
Ah, ha ha ha!

If you dare
Then let me take you there
All of UK
All of Europe

Africa, rise up!
Australia, Asia
South America, North America
Let’s go!

Ah, ha ha ha!
If you dare
Then let me take you there
Shoutout to ?Maygod?

Bahamas, Canada, let’s rock!
Back in the cut
Cup filled up
This for them Gs

That’s what’s up
One to the face, two to the gut
Come around my way, you get stuck
I don’t really know what you m#th*rf#ck*rs think

Klack, klack, klack
Leave your head in the sink
Then I’ma go back and pour me a drink
I really want to get to my conscious rap

Like Benjamin Banneker with the Almanac
But up in Colorado where them farmers at
They’re saying “KRS, bring the drama back!”
So here goes another one, switch to another gun

Another brother done, back to the gutter, son
Uh-oh, uh-oh, Shan’s on the phone
Too late for talking, should’ve left me alone
I was in meditation, peace in the home

Now these m#th*rf#ck*rs got me reaching for the chrome
Calling me out like he’s my equal
Like I ain’t already beat and defeat you
Allow me to teach you

My speech is lethal
I ain’t like these other rappers
You know how we do
Call my name and it’s on

I know alot of you rappers really want to diss me in a song
But that would be wrong and the end of your sh#t
Telekinesis, I’m bending your sh#t
Cracking you up like a lobster ?fence?

I’m the best
Top one is Kris
Top 5? f#ck that!
I wrote the list

Let’s go, Let’s go!
Ah, ha ha ha!
If you dare
Then let me take you there

Bo, bo, bo, bo!
I stay large, not mini
Baggy, not skinny
Illy, not big willy

For really, I’m not silly
The challis and the filly
I’m hot, not chilly
The first one in rap with the 9 milli

I rhyme gritty
No, I’m not pretty
This that trap, straight in the city
Man, I wrote the list

Very few as dope as this
With rhymes in a gray bag
I’m the one that fathered your style

Go ahead and say “Dad”
I’m not average, I’m hungry
I stay mad
I spit like an Uzi with eight mags

I rhyme break beats
Wear them out like brake pads
You rappers talk about things you ain’t had
Like Jags, this is what the streets lacking

MCing with a passion
I be flowing like a sea captain
I’m the captain of bap to that
After you rap you see laughing

I keep the beat blasting, street fashion
Original MCing is like speaking Latin
These dudes be after the fact
If the truth be told, right now y’all wack

Everybody knows that’s true
When I say “wack #ss rappers”, I’m talking to you
How you the greatest? You ain’t even made this

We’re the realest, that means you the fakest
You don’t see me alot
Because I be off the coast of Tahiti with my feet on a yacht

I mastered my craft, I’m blasting
I’m not Furious or 5, I ai’nt Flashing
Hard beats and rhymes, that’s my passion
We invented this sh#t, that’s why I’m laughing

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Let’s go!
Ah, ha ha ha!

If you dare
Then let me take you there
Boogie Down Productions
Fresh for 2016, you suckers!

Ah, ha ha ha!
If you dare
Then let me take you there
Y’all ai’nt expect this

Hit them from all sides
We’re taking the culture back, y’all
Let’s go
Big up to Everest Studios on this

?Sambigle? Temple, France
Stand up!
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KRS-One Lyrics – Take You There

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Release Year: 2002