KRS-One – Take ‘Em Out

KRS-One Take 'Em Out

KRS-One – Take ‘Em Out Lyrics

Artist: KRS-One
Song: Take ‘Em Out

Yo, yo yo!
Shout out to my dude ?A Meta? from Harlem
You inspired me to death, G
Shout out to ?Stretch?

BA, stand up
G Simone, Rap Entertainment, let’s go!
Take ’em out, take ’em out, take ’em out
Take ’em out, take ’em out, take ’em out

Whenever these rappers, they want to roll up
I hit ’em and split ’em, break them, they fold up
My shooters are ready, steady, you’rе so f#cked
Here wе go again Shan, I’ma blast you

Back in ’86 and ’87, dude, we crashed you
You acting like I’ve got to ask you if I want
I don’t give a f#ck about what you saying, my dude you done!
Dudes that never battled wanna see one

Dudes that are not MCs, they always want to be one
No, I’m not the slave, son
KRS the free one
It’s Boogie Down Productions

Every battle we won!
Never in your life did you step in to the KRS
The whole world says “He’s the best”
East to west, from Compton to Chi-Town to the Boogie Down

But Shan needs money so he’s trying to pull this rapper down
I graduated years ago from this battle sound
I toured the whole world while MC Shan sat around
You want the history? I’ma bring it back around

Let’s start with MC Shan in Queens getting smacked around
That’s why he sounds the way them suckers sound
Making big claims behind cheap computers

Shan, you want to test the Teacha, you’ll get split apart
Torn into pieces, thrown somewhere in the dark
I’ll take you back to Cedar Park
Shan, you made Raw, but you like a cowardly lion that need a heart

You back to smoking the coke, n#gg#
I see you a broke n#gg#
30 years, you ain’t getting no bigger
For real, you a joke and I ain’t laughing

Breaking down rappers like you: That’s my passion
You heard Shan, now hear Kris
You want more? Get my album “Now Hear This”

I’ma start with the fact that in rap, I run sh#t
20 classic albums, Shan got one hit
That sh#t was corny, I’m a real MC, shorty
I ain’t got no m#th*rf#ck*rs over here writing for me

The light is on me, MC Shan is done
You know I’m Top 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1
Damn, son
You get snake eyes, Cee Lo

We know I rock from Atlantic City to Reno
Huh, I’m double XL
Not the mag, but Chino
Real spitters like Jadakiss, they’re my people

I spit lethal, draw your sword, touché
But you wack beat makers acting like you Dre
I’m Naughty By Nature, Hip Hop Hooray
I see through all the Fiasco like Lupe

I’m Badass like Joey or crack, I’m dope
For MC Shan today, there’s really no hope
Freestyle Legend Of All Time spells FLOAT
So I levitate with supernatural lump in your throat

I’m classic, you just got your #ss kicked
I spit acid, b#stard
I’ma spit one more verse then I’m out
I just want to show these youngins what a battle’s all about

Let’s go
〈Chorus〉 x2
Fresh for 2016, you suckers!
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KRS-One Lyrics – Take ‘Em Out

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Release Year: 2002