Krisi.mp3 – Love Letters

Krisi.mp3 Love Letters

Krisi.mp3 – Love Letters Lyrics

Artist: Krisi.mp3
Song: Love Letters

I’m just trying to get better
Writing all these love letters
I know you feel it isn’t right for you
But now everything won’t be all in the blue

I don’t wanna be a beggar
It feels like I’m in the center
I don’t want anything to stop me and you
So don’t worry ‘bout the things that separate two

So what’s on your mind
Baby tell me what’s on your mind x2
Can you at least spend some time?
Am I making things worse now?

Please lemme know so I can lay down
What’s the dеal, so you can chill and stay?
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Krisi.mp3 Lyrics – Love Letters

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Release Year: 2021