Knife Party – Rage Valley

Knife Party Rage Valley

Knife Party – Rage Valley Lyrics

Artist: Knife Party
Song: Rage Valley

What’s your f#cking problem man?
You agreed to this a long time ago
You made us a promise
Did you think we would just forget?

You cocky f#cking b#stard
You can’t just walk away!
We can make you do anything we want
We own you!

Now spread your #ss cheeks
And let the games begin
Open your mouth
Feel us deep inside

You want it
You need it
Now speed it up b#tch
You got troubles to sew

I want you to get up now
I want all of you to get up out of your chairs
I want you to get up right now
And go to the window

Open it
And stick your head out and yell
I’m mad as hell
And I’m not going to take this anymore

So let me tell you something b#tch
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Knife Party Lyrics – Rage Valley

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Release Year: 2012

Knife Party - 'Rage Valley'