KirbLaGoop – 2Liter

KirbLaGoop 2Liter

KirbLaGoop – 2Liter Lyrics

Artist: KirbLaGoop
Song: 2Liter

How much you gon’ drop off in yo two liter?
You gon’ serve yo daddy if he is a tweaker [You gon’ serve yo daddy
I got two for sixes going off the meter [Off the meter

They know when they work we get too turnt I’ma pop a skeeter [We do
I can’t wipe the boy, hell no, you know I’m his [You stupid b#tch
Pop me, do not give me a future, you know that I’m a geeker [You know I geek
Cause I dont fail [Hmm?], jiggin off the dope money

Right out the bill [Hmm?], givin’ deals with dope money
Who one? With what? [with what?
Come shop, with us [with us
We got some sl#ts [some sl#ts

We serve them drugs [them drugs
Ain’t f#ckin with it, now that they in my city
Droppin fiftys, twenty
Show you how to [Boom, boom

They ain’t help me out when my back was against the room
Had to serve a dummy, make it [Krrr, krrr
Hunnid thousand choppin yoppa, boy I serve you proud
You ain’t got no loud

You be snitching paper, workin’, tellin’ Uncle Sam
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KirbLaGoop Lyrics – 2Liter

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Release Year: 2017