KingSammelot – Jazzy Juice

KingSammelot Jazzy Juice

KingSammelot – Jazzy Juice Lyrics

Artist: KingSammelot
Song: Jazzy Juice

I went down to the local McDonalds
But they didn’t have any Jazzy Juice
I kept on crying with my dog
But we continued on (I ran 50 miles)

They all told me you’ll never find it
The only thing you’ll find is a knuckle sandwich
So I ask my friends, and I ask my woah
Where is Jazzy Juice?

I turned around and saw it with my eyes
And it went faster than the sky
I was almost in reach of the juice
But then my shoes were loose

I looked up to see the juice being taken
I thought it 〈.?.〉 sending Jazzy Juicе to the sky
I planted my shoes down, its hеading towards the ground
And I caught Jazzy Juice

When something started coursing through my veins
My juice fell down and it didn’t feel the same
Moon fires looking kinda different, what changed?
The songs going crazy, it’s about to go insane

My brother lost a game of Fortnite and he let loose
He got so mad, he broke his legs, he couldn’t move
Now all he wanted was a girl who liked his shoes
But hey, whats the matter? We got Jazzy Juice

I danced for hours with my drink, all damn day
Busting moves all the way
I could not care less about you even my family knew
I might be going crazy

I thought maybe I should see my brother
But I started to 〈.?.〉 her at everything I’ve done
The juice had taken me
Took me so long to see

I don’t want Jazzy Juice
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KingSammelot Lyrics – Jazzy Juice

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Release Year: 2023