King Shelter – I’ve seen worse

King Shelter I've seen worse

King Shelter – I’ve seen worse Lyrics

Artist: King Shelter
Song: I’ve seen worse

My apologies
Did we scare you?
With no past and green grass, not being true
But I’d be lying if I said

You didn’t scare us too
Ideology is not honesty
You’re confusing art
Oh my apologies

I’m not qualified
To have an opinion
Ideolgy is not honesty
I will shed some light

And I will help you see
That you are ashes and dirt
Just like me
But without contribution you can’t condescend

Oppressors of all unless they are your friend
But we could’ve been
We could’ve been
Without contribution you can’t condescend

Your oppressors of all unless they are your friend
We could’ve been
We could’ve been
With this old dirty mirror looking right back at me

Which reputation will I now choose to be
My fathers son, a musician, or an #ssh#l#
As I stare in my eyes
I’m reminded to blink

The man in the mirror asked me “What do you think?”
I think I’ve seen worse x10
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King Shelter Lyrics – I’ve seen worse

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Release Year: 2018