Kendall Joshua – Ain’t f#ckin with Me

Kendall Joshua Ain't f#ckin with Me

Kendall Joshua – Ain’t f#ckin with Me Lyrics

Artist: Kendall Joshua
Song: Ain’t f#ckin with Me

I got melody and i got harmonies Ain’t f#ckin with me I be nice on the keys
They don’t got eyes so they can’t really see gotta keep it bay I don’t trust 3D
Rolling with debit I don’t care about credit I don’t really like debt I don’t really like fees
I don’t need much maybe just your touch cause I’ve had enough opps and enough enemies

Ain’t f#ckin with me, try it and you got see, ain’t f#ckin with me, place you don’t wanna be
I was in middle school I remember these dreams sitting in the backseat of an S40
Jumped In an industry whеre there’s no gauruntees now I’m driving down thе road and I’m counting my cheese
Low key wanna fly to a land overseas cause you can’t see the forrest from looking at the trees

Baby how you got friends and a kicking #ss job but you called me up sad and melancholy
Read me poetry with a knife at her wrist hamlet in this b#tch don’t think she should be
Shawty was in her prime but this world is a climb on the phone turning all shakespeare on me
Yeah she thought about sh#t and it made her heart freeze like king Solomon in Ecclesiastes

She knew she could stand it was in gods plans
But she clenching her hands and she stuck on her knees
Damn. Baby when you got see, place you don’t wanna be
They ain’t f#ckin with me

Verse 3 lets goo
Punched in 7:55 can I make it to 6 will I still be alive
I ain’t always have to go so hard but I couldn’t really stop I was born with a dream
Broke out of this pattern routine I’m free ain’t nobody really f#ckin with me

Turning my dreams into reality thinking what it could be I see in 4d
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Kendall Joshua Lyrics – Ain’t f#ckin with Me

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Release Year: 2023