Kashmir – Demon

Kashmir Demon

Kashmir – Demon Lyrics

Artist: Kashmir
Song: Demon

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I turn around, walk away
But I just can’t escape one demon

So close he could bite me
Never leaves me out of sight
He’s on my shoulder

He’s in my hands
I settle down in a home
Full of light and crimson carpets
On the floors

Not a glimpse goes by without him
Staring from my eyes inside his cockpit
Inside his kingdom
Where do I go

I want to know
‘cuz I struggle for my self-control
I concentrate on not to think
And I try to work my #ss off

Through the day
Sometimes he is cruel
Sometimes he helps me walking cool across the dance floor
And through the night

After all I have fought
There will always be one demon
Left to fight
Friendly he might seem

And yet so sinister I deem
But I don’t know him
I never will
Where do I go

I want to know
‘cuz I struggle for my self-controlYou might also like
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Kashmir Lyrics – Demon

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Release Year: 1987

Kashmir under Indian Demon-crazy