Joan Shelley – Tell Me Something

Joan Shelley Tell Me Something

Joan Shelley – Tell Me Something Lyrics

Artist: Joan Shelley
Song: Tell Me Something

Tell me something honey
Do you want anything from me?
‘Cause I can make it happen
At almost any time

I can meet you under
The weight of any storm
Tell me something honey
Will we always be alone

And will it take a long time
To play this story out
‘Cause your eyes look so distant
But your arms still so able

So take me to the bed
Shake me to my knees
Where I can fiend a piece of you
You can have a piece of me

‘Cause these open arms
Are so sure and warm
But I’m telling you now
What I told you once before

I’m gonna get my way
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Joan Shelley Lyrics – Tell Me Something

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Release Year: 2019