Joan Shelley – Ariadne’s Gone

Joan Shelley Ariadne's Gone

Joan Shelley – Ariadne’s Gone Lyrics

Artist: Joan Shelley
Song: Ariadne’s Gone

Lay down beside me
I want you to touch me
I know we’re not friendly that way
I walk the sands

Where your temple still stands
Now you’ve gone where you wanted to go
I’m looking for signs of her
Left from your time with her

Proof that you needed a woman
Here on the land where she promised to stay
At your command ’cause you want it that way
And she’s plastic

Love changes hands
He wears stars on his skin
And he’s tall as your columns in marble
He says, ‘come take my hand now

I want you to stand now
For some things are greater than fiction’
I’ll write my poems and letters for this
Pulled from the air are the words that you give

If you’re willing
Here, give your hand to me
Come near and be with me
Friend, won’t you stay here a while?

Friend, won’t you stay here a while?
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Joan Shelley Lyrics – Ariadne’s Gone

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Release Year: 2015