Jerreau – U Know Who U Are Music

Jerreau U Know Who U Are Music

Jerreau – U Know Who U Are Music Lyrics

Artist: Jerreau
Song: U Know Who U Are Music

Yeah, I mean The Greater Than Club is all inclusive
Like, it’s not just women, but life you know?
A simple dude with complex views

From a social circle where girls come and go like good news
That’s good parties and good booze
Over good food discuss religion and political views
In my city where

Black males finish a bid before they finish school
Stick up kids with nothin’ to do
What the youth gon’ do when they let out of school?
Why you think they having sex in grade school?

Where the parents at?
Dads prolly’ somewhere trynna rap
Single mother trynna get her groove back
You see, my mother sent me to live with my dad- I’m grateful for that

I just wish we had the relationship we once had
Nothing like the comfort that a mother has
So I appreciate my step mom for that
I love you all

Just thought I’d share that
Cause’ nowadays, I don’t share nothing but these raps
The world is mine and mine alone
What good is it a man to gain the world but lose his soul?

Its not losin’ if you winnin’
Y’all n#gg#s dress like y’all don’t own mirrors
You prolly’ wear wave caps and bandanas
And I’m the future like your bad #ss children

I’m just playing my position let the centers play center
Easy lay up, slam dunk for the hell of it
I swear, I make difficult out of easy sh#t
I wouldn’t rap if I ain’t have a gift

It’s like my birthday is on Christmas
I been good, I got hella’ gifts
This wrappin’ paper? I just save it
You think I’m just rappin’ for kicks?

But knowing me I’ll prolly’ blow it all on some kicks
And after tax that Louis belt is almost 6
Now I’m a dollar away from almost rich
But almost doesn’t count word to Ray-J’s sis

And I’m the answer like the back of the book
Let that boy cook
Let me be great
I’m good, God is great

Gluttony, I got a lot on my plate
I came from the bottom, how I put on my jeans
Top no print that’s e-marketing
But that’s Bape, gorilla marketing

It’s easy as A.P.C, no patch on my jeans
Jordan 3’s 1988 on my feet
That’s dope on my feet
I’m steppin’ on crack

The heart of a man, no ruler can measure that
And say something when you rap
Cause’ y’all ain’t saying nothin’ like a pocket call
Come out the closet, y’all share clothes

My closet is a look book got that seasons ago
Things happen for a reason
Last for a season
Everybody ain’t your friend

Everybody ain’t your foe
In this concrete jungle shoot for doe, shoot for bucks
Another day, another dollar’s just not enough
When loves not enough

I told her don’t love me
Your wasting both our time
I don’t need a girl, and what’s mine is mine
But she always on my mind, that’s a thought

And all I got to give is my heart
But she need it more than I do
I got love for you, but not enough to die for you
So you can’t have my heart

Now she’s my ex like Kaws, the writings on the wonder wall
And there’s a lot of lonely girls in the world
And not enough of me to go around
I tell em’ you shouldn’t have to sleep alone

I told em’, you shouldn’t have to wear a frown
For now, till’ our day comes
I’ll be your pen pal
Text or write me a letter and I’ll reply when I’m in town

For now, smile
And if I leave I’m never coming back
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Jerreau Lyrics – U Know Who U Are Music

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Release Year: 2016