Jason Cole – Woah

Jason Cole Woah

Jason Cole – Woah Lyrics

Artist: Jason Cole
Song: Woah

Put him in the middle of a rhythm with a little bit of treble
Push the pedal to the metal, never gonna settle
Started spittin’ acapellas like a petty pellet gun
But pull away from practice and you’re never gonna get it done

Forgot the fundamentals, started cooking in my kettle
Lost a billion battles to my never-ending mental
But it never won the war within. I’m better than that
Thought process in knots but I’m bending it back

What’s thе point in having life if you don’t know how to live it?
I evictеd my anxiety but it’s not afraid to visit
Haven’t taken my antidepressants in a minute
All the pain and crazy talk is not another gimmick

Always been the loner with nobody in my corner
Try to make the best of it but walk along the border
Of suicidal thoughts and happy talks to hide it
So group me in a box but I swear to god I’m trying

10-4 over breaker. Break your mind open wide
Out to find where dopamine, motivation, and focus hide
Creeping through cadavers of my cranium I came
Across a nickel plated crate labeled “pivotal change”

Within the vigilance of an original brain
Was a little bit of innocence and minimal rage
Before the rise of dissidence and sinister blame
Ever even played a part in my cynical game

Found a photo of a really familiar adolescent;
A portrait of myself I had to see to believe
Another closer look revealed it had a hidden message
Radiating peace and a reason to breathe

Deep inside the iris and embedded in flames
It said, I’m never gonna stop ’til they remember my name
As the years trickled by, I traded passion for pain
No more time for staying faded. Now I’m back in my frame

I’ll still smile ’til I crumble. Being kind and staying humble
Kinda helped me learn to juggle but I struggled to climb
A virus in the muscle had me silenced with a muzzle
Like a lion in the jungle with the hunger confined

A crisis in the climate made a blinded fighter pilot
Dive in lightning on an island with the thunder combined
My invasion wasn’t subtle. I was spiraling in rubble
Like I’m driving through a tunnel while the rubber unwinds

Tried erasing all the trouble from a river to a puddle
Cries for help were disregarded. I was under the line
Ignited the papyrus with the fire in the iris
I was prying open eyelids with a clutter of rhymes

Isolation in a bubble always left the mind befuddled
Trying to find a couple pieces to the puzzle of mine
I’m in my prime but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t
On the cusp of dying at my own hands a couple of times

No matter the season the reason that I’m breathing is to
Be the bleeding heathen in the people when I’m reaching them with words
Freeze ’em like a needle to the nerves
Feel the cold chills creeping while I sweep you off your feet until it hurts

To go a single week without me preaching in the speakers
Easy leaking at the teeth and teaching feeble minds to work
And see cerebral evil seeping from the peeking peepers
Of defeated demons breaching Eden. Beat ’em til it burns

They might have won the battle but we’re gonna win the war
’cause they’re canaries in a coal mine. Quote the raven nevermore
Unless it’s on a writing desk. The only way of fighting stress
To death is pulling passion to the surface from the core

You gotta be a scavenger. Take what you can get
While ravaging the average habitat of avaricious boars
Crashin’ in the attic of a savage living lavish
I’m a maverick with no baggage. Leave the package at the door
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Jason Cole Lyrics – Woah

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Release Year: 2011