Jason Cole – Coffee

Jason Cole Coffee

Jason Cole – Coffee Lyrics

Artist: Jason Cole
Song: Coffee

Rippin’ the rhythm and art and picking apart a piece of the particle
Mended together or mixed in a blender, I’m rearranging every molecule
Flipping it upside down and around and forgetting about any boundaries
That I’m about to encounter. They counted me out but an outcast is something I’m proud to be

Bound to be doubted and thrown to the side when your power is out and you don’t have a light
You’re living in darkness. The pit of the heart isn’t lit and you can’t even spark it or try
Part of the mind takеs a step in direction of blessing but doublеs behind to rewind
Dart to the eye of the bull and another one stuck in the back with a knife and a sigh

Part of me wants to be smarter about the connections I built but I’m losing the touch
It’s hard to be what I’m expected to be when neglected and swept to the side with a crutch
Then again why would you wanna fit in with somebody so quick to burn a bridge?
Stepping in my shoes proves that I know how to lose but its been my turn to win

For a minute. Doing everything that I can to let everybody else know not to forget it
I admit it. I’ve kinda been slacking but I’m done sitting back now. Watch where I’m headed
Ezra Cobb went along creating a monster. It was lying dormant in my soul but now it’ll haunt ya
Bubbling and boiling for years in a cauldron, the pressure built up and the top popped off it

Boom! A plume of fumes consumed the room. Movin’ with the movement, true to the doom
Blooming like a beautiful tulip covered in ooze. Proving I can do it. I’m fluent until my tomb
Thank you for reanimating my motivation, breaking off the chains and throwing them in the bas#ment
Taking all the pain I experience every day and showing me there’s a way to get it out before I’m brain-dead

Still got a couple scars from the shackles; some personal battles that I have to tackle
Lately I’ve been acting kinda Jurassic like a rabid raptor and I’m attacking cattle
They’re lazy grazin’. I’m a crazy Jason with a laser raygun, turn a castle to gravel
Bye bye peons. I’m about to be gone. Time to strap a saddle on a pterodactyl
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Jason Cole Lyrics – Coffee

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Release Year: 2011

Jason Cole - Coffee