Jack Hardy – On a Clear Day

Jack Hardy On a Clear Day

Jack Hardy – On a Clear Day Lyrics

Artist: Jack Hardy
Song: On a Clear Day

On a clear day
You can see for miles
You can see for miles
Almost say from coast to coast

On a clear day
You can follow the sunset
Follow the sunset
All the way back home

On a clear day
The sunrise behind us
The sunrise behind us
Lights up these canyon walls

On a clear day
Reflects off of our blind side
Reflects off our blind side
The blazing colors of fall

In the autumn
The wind plies the northway
Wind plies the northway
With a sudden chill and moan

In the autumn
Comes down the Hudson River
Follows the Hudson River
On its way back home

On a clear day
The clouds look like smoke
Clouds look like smoke
As they tower over here

On a clear day
When autumn leaves are burnin’
Autumn leaves are burnin’
My eyes fill with tears

On a clear day
I’ll never not be mindful
Never not be mindful
That it was on a day like this

On a clear day
It’s not that any hindsight
Not that any hindsight
Could make it harder to miss

On a clear day I pray
He never saw it comin’
Never saw it comin’
As he plied his work alone

On a clear day
If there’s anyone left to pray to
Anyone to pray to
I pray it brought him home
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Jack Hardy Lyrics – On a Clear Day

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Release Year: 2022