J BOBS – Sick Hop

J BOBS Sick Hop

J BOBS – Sick Hop Lyrics

Artist: J BOBS
Song: Sick Hop

4 AM and I’m sick as sh#t
My voice sounds like this
I got a Sharingan eye, poolboy thinks it looks sick
And every 10 to 15 minutes wait a minute gotta piss

I gotta piss
I don’t think that’s part of this
How can super rapid urine be a symptom of my sickness?
I just really need a cure and I’ll be jolly back to bliss

I just need to keep me pure and I’ll prolly back to bliss
And I can get on with the song
And I can get on with the song
Don’t repeat rhyme it’s wrong

Don’t be meta it’s wrong
5 AM and I just got out the shower
I feel squeaky clean, yeah I got so much power
Ima tower over all ya all ya really could do was cower

Now you’re sower, now you’re sower
Now you’re crying and you’re sowеr
Sipping Maui Mango cause it get me that immunity
Got so much dirty dishеs you be thinking life be new to me

But I got so much b#tches that my crib look like a nudist beach
And my habits with the dishes really adds to the aesthetic
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J BOBS Lyrics – Sick Hop

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Release Year: 2020