J BOBS – Hells Interlude

J BOBS Hells Interlude

J BOBS – Hells Interlude Lyrics

Artist: J BOBS
Song: Hells Interlude

Snakes are underrated
Way too over hated
Devil’s super charming when you’re far too faded
Faith is outdated

f#ck what god created
Burning on Earth because hell’s too populated
666 b#tch I’ll burn you on a stick
I’ll pull up with that stick on that trigger click click

I’ll come and take your chick
Give her dick real quick
Eat her out, balsamic
f#ck her dizzy, anemic

666 b#tch I’ll burn you on a stick
I’ll come and dropkick you and snap you like a twig
I know you think I’m sick
You know you are a prick

Hide behind your bible cause you’re scared of what you did
Maybe it’s a daydream
My memory hazy
Y’all think that I’m crazy

Gaslighting me maybe
But baby I’m not crazy
Y’all f#ckers arе lazy
I’m grinding each day

He smelling thе daisy
Don’t turn on the A/C
‘Cause heat doesn’t faze me
Hell is my Heaven and I’m burning daily

My movie’s Scorsese
Nice tats like Casey
J-Bobs blowing up like a f#cking Israeli
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J BOBS Lyrics – Hells Interlude

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Release Year: 2020