ItsUnknownMF – Blessings

ItsUnknownMF Blessings

ItsUnknownMF – Blessings Lyrics

Artist: ItsUnknownMF
Song: Blessings

Blessings, [Woo
Everyday I f#cking wake up that’s a blessing, [That’s a blessing
Everyday I get the bag and that’s a blessing, [That’s a blessing
All ya n#gg#s f#ckin’ hatin’, ya’ll is stressin’, [Ya’ll are stressin’

I’m too blessed, [I’m too blessed
That’s a blessing
You don’t like it that I’m winning
And I see the hate on your face

All of my raps are the illest
And I’m a be placed with the greats
Attacking you n#gg#s cause nobody safe
I’m a be runnin’ the game, while you gettin’ lapped in the race

f#ckin’ some b#tches forgettin’ their name
Stackin’ my millions while you workin’ minimum wage
This rap sh#t gonna pay off
I never ever take a day off

My drive is crazy took the breaks off
Droppin’ classics til it takes off
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ItsUnknownMF Lyrics – Blessings

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Release Year: 2015