Isle&fever – Dime Piece

Isle&fever Dime Piece

Isle&fever – Dime Piece Lyrics

Artist: Isle&fever
Song: Dime Piece

Who are you anyway
Always got me working overtime
Who needs another dime
When you’ll slowly lose your mind

No matter what things you say
I’d rather work 9 to 5
Then spendin’ all my time
Fighting with the tide

Whatever games you play
I learn my lessons all the time
One day I’ll hit rewind
But for now I’m in my prime

So go ahead be on your way
Someone else will come before to long
There’s plenty other guys
We’ll play another time

So play on play on woman
Play on
Play on play on woman
Play on

Don’t speak, takе it in a notch
Sit tight, fadin’ out
Take a few sips with some brеathing room
You know, I heard you the first time

Just stay a little long
Good tip, get along
Refuse to cruise home oooh
And i can’t stand

Falling hard anymore with you
For just this once
I don’t mean to keep you ignored
Your move
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Isle&fever Lyrics – Dime Piece

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Release Year: 2016