Invalids – Pareidolia

Invalids Pareidolia

Invalids – Pareidolia Lyrics

Artist: Invalids
Song: Pareidolia

All that I remember
Turning over
Static tone, an airlock door
An echo of a kindness I would know

You had sunk against the wall
We were motionless
We were in the scene
Unaware of its meaning

At action I would go
You authored an instruction
A catalogue of everything you left
Before you could do

If you could let me try
If you could give me time
I can make things right
A letter returned to sender

I had offerеd its destruction
‘Cause evеrything reminds us of us still
Stuck and trying not to grow
The quiet way we let go

Echoed back
An ire I would know
Then again again again again
Again I guess it was me

But we couldn’t know its futility
The time I spent just to get just as ill again
I don’t have the words, I don’t feel right
[The time always eludes us now

Always escapes somehow
I want to go, I know, I don’t feel right
Everyone is waiting
Everyone is staring

Everyone’s aware, just give them something
Fine, we lied, okay with it
Unloved, unseen, but
There was permanence in our desire to be

Then I caught it
A reflection I don’t know
Up at night, rewind the replay and overanalyze
It didn’t do you any good did it?

Besides, the datapoints never seemed to
Actuallize a change, a benefit
You tried to emulate what you thought the rest were like
But everyone seemed to overemphasize

The feelings we’re all supposed to get
It didn’t fit it didn’t fit it didn’t
Sit right that everyone’s supposed to have this

Insight, with no developmental fist fight
You walk on the set so unprepared to face the stage lights
Words never even read let alone memorized
Fed the lines in time but it doesn’t sound like something I would say

I really tried to make us all believe it
But they all could hear the way I hesitated when I spoke
No getting over it
Things aren’t the same now

I just need
Some more
All that I can remember now

A tidal vertigo
An empty row
A silence I would know
A departure

A deduction
Reliant on devices never intended
Brace the fall
Cabin lights fading as it scrapes the hull

[a violence I would know
Pace your crawl
The water’s coming in already half full
Even though

Surrounded by ocean inescapable
[a rescue wouldn’t show
Dreamed a kindness I will know
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Invalids Lyrics – Pareidolia

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Release Year: 2022