İntro – Şehinşah

İntro Şehinşah

İntro – Şehinşah Lyrics

Artist: İntro
Song: Şehinşah

My name is Arda
They know him in Bur
What is the matter with Bilim?
If you are mad, I am mad

If you are not crazy
You are not a thing
Tell me what you want
Doggy, missionary, it doesn’t matter

I swear it’s just you
As a gentleman, I
Leathery-faced little man
Your fame reaches to the skies but

This place is big, take care of you
Just stay away, just walk
Come to Soke Soke, little one, ironing head
Inconsistent examples are all nonsense

Depression, seizure always product market
Tell your father before you’re ashamed
I don’t look back I stopped every bark
In my anger I fell into the net, catch me

Hundreds of piranhas are after me
You’re just someone believe me
The effects are a placebo, I’m a gun
All like me

I determine criteria
Even the livelihoods of the miserable
It is shaped around whether
I pay or not, effeminate inspiration

Come to all of you
I can’t be trained You are a student
Let the psychosis eat you b#stards
It didn’t affect me

What they said to madness
Don’t apologize or anything
Oh my, he’s resentful
Look at the head of the dick

Don’t call me a breast
Zey’i seviyosun loser, guy
My lyrics Cedi comes and gets what he has
Not content, he gives the pass deeply to Kevin
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İntro Lyrics – Şehinşah

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Release Year: 2020