Intercourse – Too f#cked to Yiff

Intercourse Too f#cked to Yiff

Intercourse – Too f#cked to Yiff Lyrics

Artist: Intercourse
Song: Too f#cked to Yiff

She was dressed like Maid Marion, I was David Parker Ray’s dog
We didn’t know anyone, we had to snort Adderall
We wanted to spice sh#t up a bit, she had great t#ts
Plus she knew where to cop, she took the first rail and she dropped

Found her ID, she was only 16
I postponed my suicide for this?
We got problems bigger than Richard Speck’s t#ts
I know I did something to deserve this

Took her apart in the bathtub and I stuffed her in a suitcase
In the shadow of the alley of white trash
I got the idea for a documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer
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Intercourse Lyrics – Too f#cked to Yiff

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Release Year: 2017