iNTeLL – Where Do We Go

iNTeLL Where Do We Go

iNTeLL – Where Do We Go Lyrics

Artist: iNTeLL
Song: Where Do We Go

I just wanted somebody to hold me
Wrap their arms around and console me
Close like peanut butter with toast all on it
But maybe I’m allergic cuz I feel so lonely

I just wanted someone to understand me
But I’m broken is what I’ve been told plenty
So I guess there’s no hope
For little old me

And the only friend I have is only
In my mirror
Yep you guessed it
My reflection is the only one who gets it

But you see I’m trying to break free
Can’t wait for somebody in a cape to save mе
Cuz lately I’ve been doing the blaming
Likе if this were different I’d finally feel glee

Or if that were different then I’d finally get to breathe
The one thing that I agree
That the only one to help me is me
Please believe it

Nah I’m stupid
What am I doing
Please excuse me
My heart stays true but my mind stays clueless

No excuses
Why is my mouth refusing to spew Your name on top of this music
I need Your mercy and grace so lemme use it
Jesus God please help me ‘fore I lose it

Tell me where do we go
Where do we go from here
Where do we go
Where do we go from here

Where do we go
Where do we go from here
Where do we go
Where do we go from here

Tell me what’s faith
Faith is when you take the first step
When you can’t see the whole staircase in depth
When you take a breath but you can’t see air

Faith is that you believe it’s still there
Faith is something from time to time
That I lose sight of like I’m blind, rewind
And I find it, bind it and then I apply it

When I’m in hot water
It can change the climate
Faith is something I pray for you
Say a prayer for me, and your neighbor too cuz

Sometimes life will put you down
But it’s important that you know that you’re not alone
Everybody goes through it
You gotta find something to hold on and hold onto it

Deep breath, no cares and prepare
To make your faith bigger than your fear the next time you say
Where do we go from here
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iNTeLL Lyrics – Where Do We Go

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Release Year: 2022