iivrson – 24/7

iivrson 24/7

iivrson – 24/7 Lyrics

Artist: iivrson
Song: 24/7

Who the f#ck said that I’m not in my bag?
Swear this my mission, I make this sh#t last
Worshipin’ numbers, you swear I won’t crash
Shut the f#ck up while I’m countin’ them

24/7, I’m gettin’ the cash
365 minutes, that sh#t in my past
n#gg#s be actin’, they stayin’ in that cast
Who the f#ck said that I’m not in my bag?

Planty bands off a hustlin’
Many mans hatin’, f#ck ’em (f#ck ’em)
Hunnids [?]’, watch out, comin’
Ladies dance, get to bussin’ (Bussin’)

Hunnid miles I’m runnin’
Now that money comin’
He wasn’t gang, why you tryna be fam?
Play with her kitty, my pinky on cam

How you gon’ down me? I’m water on land
b#tch, I’ma shark, [?] man
Why you still cappin’? I know he a fan
I don’t want get no more [?] on my hands

Copy the [?] again and again
Lil Baba ain’t Egypt, my b#tches from France
Planty bands off a hustlin’
n#gg#s hatin’, tell ’em, f#ck ’em

Twelve duckin’, blues [?]
Been a man, since a youngin
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iivrson Lyrics – 24/7

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Release Year: 2019