Hurakan (Band) – Slamming Brutal Shit

Hurakan (Band) Slamming Brutal Shit

Hurakan (Band) – Slamming Brutal Shit Lyrics

Artist: Hurakan (Band)
Song: Slamming Brutal Shit

Approach and witness
Y’all are f#cking elitist cunts
Our slams are meaty
Though our hammer seems hybrid

Find fault with our lack of authenticity
But in the end we shall prevail in slamming brutal sh#t
Explosive style
When breakdowns serve brutality

You just whine about what’s true
When the whole genre’s already b#stardized
Quit telling that b#llsh#t
And blast that sh#t at maximum volume

Rejoice as we all pray
And we all bow to the mighty hammer god
f#cked up space tales
Gore and breakdowns

Honor thy bovine imperator
Join our noble quest and come with the coolest posers
This is slamming brutal sh#t

Slamming brutal shit
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Hurakan (Band) Lyrics – Slamming Brutal Shit

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Release Year: 2019