Hurakan (Band) – Imperial Berserkers

Hurakan (Band) Imperial Berserkers

Hurakan (Band) – Imperial Berserkers Lyrics

Artist: Hurakan (Band)
Song: Imperial Berserkers

We bear his mark
We bear the heritage of Aurokos
Mighty elder god
Fierce warriors of the Imperator

Our order shall prevail
Dead will be those whom we deem to be dead
Technologic weapons for an archaic warfare
Our enemies have no chance

We pulverize their populations
Your fate is sealed
Our warships cast a gloom over your cities
Omens of termination

Harbingers of demise
Decreation is initiated
As we conquer your f#cking world
O Bovine Lord

Sanctify our conquests
We bleed for your glory
We bleed for our race’s wealth
Empires collapse as we stand on foreign grounds

Bow down before us
Serve as slaves or die
Exterminate the weak
Exterminate the weak

We are the knights of Aurokos
Imperial Berserkers
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Hurakan (Band) Lyrics – Imperial Berserkers

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Release Year: 2019