HunnitRoundz – Smokingskul Flow

HunnitRoundz Smokingskul Flow

HunnitRoundz – Smokingskul Flow Lyrics

Artist: HunnitRoundz
Song: Smokingskul Flow

Ar-15 came wit 2 clips
Im a african so you know i am experienced wit da whips
I do percs cuz i don’t wanna go to jail
Nina wit supressor sent p#ss# boy to hell

Dat boy think he a turtle then i will crack his shell
Dat boy go to church then ima ring his bell
n#gg# dats not weed dats my dookie smell
n#gg# you graduated from highschool you not gangster

Drop racks on dat boy head now he in danger
I got my mask up when i rob you
I got 2 blicks on me i don’t know kung fu
I got da xannies in my shoe like da ganja smoke dat boy get blew

Ebabgeabab boo fbskfiofsow
Fnbdkng gnskgjl sikfg
Fgjosgjs ilgsjgl jlsfs
Fjdksfjkdf ah digga bobo

Dklf ksflsdfk hamamuga
Fjskjgskng wit da beam
If you move funny you cant be on my team
Fjdsafnmsd countin green

Fjsakfnjskfg not gettin money shop on shein
Fjsdfjdskf sdfjksdjfkdj dfkjsfjsdfjk sfjksfksdjf
Gksjfdsk get mo money then we gone fhdhahahfb
Glock 19 wit t#tt#es, rocket launcher wit switch

Ar15 wit franklin armory aura xtd barrel muzzle breaks
Glock 19 wit aimpoint micro h22 moa red dot reflex site
Ak47 wit magpool afg 2 angled fore grip
Bazooka wit streamline tlr 7a flex led tatical weapon light

Wit rear switch options
Which gun do i want santa to bring me its to many options!
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HunnitRoundz Lyrics – Smokingskul Flow

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Release Year: 2022