Human Petting Zoo – Carlisle

Human Petting Zoo Carlisle

Human Petting Zoo – Carlisle Lyrics

Artist: Human Petting Zoo
Song: Carlisle

When i was very young, my neighbor would give me klondike bars
I would climb in the tree that someone had planted in my backyard
Everything had felt infinite, and i know it sounds cliche
But i have to admit it sometimes i wish i could still feel that way

But no one was home, yeah everyone was gone
And i never went back because i knew all along
That you were never coming home, i knew it from the start
I was only five years old, but i was pretty smart

And you were gonе for good, yeah i was pretty smart
And i knew you wеre gone for good
When i was a little bit older, i heard that my neighbor had passed away
A few years later i had a klondike and it didn’t taste the same

I moved away from the house i lived in when i was five years old
I was never coming back but i could see, that you were growing old
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Human Petting Zoo Lyrics – Carlisle

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Release Year: 2014