Hey ! – JEY

Hey ! JEY

Hey ! – JEY Lyrics

Artist: Hey !
Song: JEY

Yeah, I love and hate this city
Dallajin i dosi
Sarangi gadeuk chan hyanggi yeah, I know
Everything around me

Everything around me
Nae georeum georin hangsang biteulbiteul
Maja naneun neoreul balkhyeo
Geuraeseo nae maeum darker

Neoneun naui Mary Jane
Geureom nan Peter Parker
Syuksyuk chu chu
Neoui maeumeul knock knock

Know what I mean
Just say to me, I might be like
Hey, I just wanna go into your
Hey, baby, babe, I need you, need you

Hey, I just wanna make love with you
Hey, hey
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Hey ! Lyrics – JEY

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Release Year: 2003