Henny – #goalspost

Henny #goalspost

Henny – #goalspost Lyrics

Artist: Henny
Song: #goalspost

I can’t walk to you
Off the pack I float
I’m in my castle
Lil boy fell right through my moat

You lame as f#ck
I know you caption all your posts with quotes
It’s middle of the summer
Don’t care bought another coat

Bought four of the same number nine tees
That’s a whole note
I’m posted up
In the back like a goal post

Feel like a gnome
I take a cone right to the head
I wake up out a dream
She’s not there in my bed

You went to H&M
It’s undercover on my threads
It’s 2022 why you still doing money spreads
It’s rick owens on my arms and on my legs

Theres scabs all on my body
I still got head
My noggin
It’s timе to go shopping

I gotta change my login
You never going up
Straight down likе toboggan
I had like one more thing to say

But I forgot it
RIP to the nines, they were a vibe, but sh#t! i just sold em for twice
More in the mail, countin my kale, fillin my cup up with ice
He talking that sh#t bro its lights out

On that skeleton shift i’m a night owl
Get DMs from your b#tch she like my styyyle
And i get high as sh#t goin eiffel
And i’m blue, ride the water its tidal

And i’m still gettin blues on my iphone
And i stick with my dogs like i’m milo
You a stick in the mud you not my bro
Can’t even see the hate got a blindfold

I’m that GT like mustang no typo!
Super bad she look like jhene aiko
Superbad i’m jus mclovin it
I be so hot you might need you a oven mitt

I be so high its like i’m goin up with it
Imma just flip it like sh#t was a omelette
And u know i’m runnin sh#t like i’m amelie
I know you watching me

You tryna talk to me
Im boutta fall asleeeep
Keepin my circle petite its a policy
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Henny Lyrics – #goalspost

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Release Year: 2022