Hendrik – FM2U

Hendrik FM2U

Hendrik – FM2U Lyrics

Artist: Hendrik
Song: FM2U

Her daddy don’t like me, and it’s not very
Like me to give a f#ck
But if she’s this grown and still calls him her Superman, then I think it’s time for me to buckle up
You know I’ll never do you wrong, but some how I’m tryna prove it to somebody else

I know you proud of me, but everytime I take a L
I second guess
I’m I the one for you, feel like you deserve somebody better
But your mine though, forever. Amen

Every hustler needs some motivation, that’s what you are to me
Body so damn perfect, hit my knees and worship it
So beautiful, keep me smiling looking at her pics
Don’t you ever leave me lonely, I’m begging please (please, please)

Past relationships, left me falling to my demise
Now you the only one I see anytime I close my eyes
Tryna get to you, might have to run a thousand miles
My heart is stuck on you, ain’t no way I’mma reroute

Paper chaser, any road I choose to take, we still gon’ link, cause you a paper chaser too
So it’s safe to say, together we can run up a billion or (two, two, two)
She don’t know about my past, still she put my head on her lap
I don’t care about your past, just put your head on my shoulder

On my
On my shoulder
Floating on the ocean, but I wrote this on the moon
Here’s a letter from me to you, put it in a time capsule and bury it with amuse
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Hendrik Lyrics – FM2U

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Release Year: 2022