Hellnation – Cycle Of Shit

Hellnation Cycle Of Shit

Hellnation – Cycle Of Shit Lyrics

Artist: Hellnation
Song: Cycle Of Shit

Grasping for the newest trend
Finding solace in the latest label
Discard and distance yourself from the old

In today’s fad, proudly pigeonholed
Johnny-come lately, bandwagon jumpers
Still stuck in what you did last month
But you know to which craze to cling

Because you’ve got the inside scoop on the next big thing
Cycle of sh#t
Elevate yourselves
Cycle of sh#t

Alienate the rest
Your want for popularity is only surpassed by your f#cking ego
Failsafe if you miss the jump
No problem, no dilemma

Just revert back to something tried and true
Stand tall and claim “old school”
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Hellnation Lyrics – Cycle Of Shit

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Release Year: 1985