Harry Bailey’s Transport – Plain

Harry Bailey's Transport Plain

Harry Bailey’s Transport – Plain Lyrics

Artist: Harry Bailey’s Transport
Song: Plain

I was out tooling around the other day with a friend
He said, uh, “Hey, you wanna go get some lunch?”
I said, “Sure, you buying? Hahaha”
Well, uh, he wasn’t, but anyway

We went and got some lunch
Uh, he ordered a burger then he continued
“I want ketchup and mustard
Mayo and cheese

All the veggies, man
Anything that’s green
Salsa, hot sauce, some buffalo
Ranch, Italian, French

All the dressings, you know”
He said, “Grill it, fry it, bake it, nuke it
Anything in that shaker over there?
Shake it on, I like more of that

Aw, some pеppers and jalapenos
And bananas, so hot!
Chardonnaire? Oh, I lovе that stuff
Pile on a lot!”

Maybe I’m a simple kind of guy
Easily amused
Nothing at all is just fine
You know what I said?

I like it plain
I like it plain
Just make mine plain
I like it plain

So, then, uh, later on, I went out for coffee
Same buddy of mine, big mistake
Well, I just got a coffee, ya know?
I wanted coffee

See, he got a latte
Is that enough? No, he continued to say
“I need sugar, honey, milk, if you please
Regular? No no no, give me that heavy whipping cream

Nutmeg, spices, cinnamon
Man, oh, make it a double shot, do you think, if you can, would that be okay?”
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So easily amused

I don’t need a lot to get by
Seriously, man, it’s coffee
I like it plain
I like it plain

Coffee? I like it plain
No no, just make it plain
I like it plain
I like it plain

I like it plain
I like it plain
I like it plain
I like it plain

I like it plain
Just make it plain!
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Harry Bailey’s Transport Lyrics – Plain

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Release Year: 2006